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New Layout, New items, New Adventures in my new found creativity. Kara’s Kreations has moved to, well, more Kreations! It’s not just for wax anymore🥰. Check out my beautiful soaps! Options available as well as most scents. Only a few are not safe, but so far all I have listed are perfect! Again, I would love to hear what you think. I can only improve if I know what to fix! Thank you all for your support and please continue to like and share!Much 💜 Kara

I’m having so much fun being creative with my candles. Thank you to my friends that have inspired me and helped me with fun ideas! I love hearing ideas so please share! I have found a company that has the most wonderful products at a very reasonable price. Best part, their location is right here in the Carolinas. Send ideas! I would love to hear from you all!!! If interested in ordering, send me a message and i can do my best to make you a great product. Much💜Kara

Thank you for supporting my very new small business. I’ve enjoyed my new hobby of candle making.

It’s been a while since I let y’all know what has been going on with “my little candle business!” I now have my kreations in two different stores, two more are interested, and I have a few online vender shows coming up. Still a little confused on those, but will figure it out I’m sure. Thank you to all that have liked or shared my business. Thank you for your support as you continue to order. I strive to continue to find the best products possible. I thought I was a big shot ordering 10lbs of wax at a time. I am now ordering 65lbs at a time and feel so bad for my sweet little mail lady Mary. I need to figure out somehow to help her. I’m sure a pretty candle in in her future as well🥰. Much 💜 Kara